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HR Example Doesn't work on STM32401RE using X-NUCLEO-IDB05A1


I've tried to run the heart rate example using the online compiler and I can compile and load the code, ignoring a few warnings. The ST BLE sensor app won't pair with the device. Have tried both Android and Mac OS. Then I tried updating the BlueNRG-MS (X-NUCLEO-IDB05A1) stack image with the program provided. Still doesn't work. I tried playing around with different versions of mbed to try and get rid of the warnings but to no avail. I get about 15 warnings when I compile, they look similar to:

Warning: #warning directive: toolchain.h has been replaced by mbed_toolchain.h, please update to mbed_toolchain.h [since mbed-os-5.3] in "extras/mbed/platform/toolchain.h", Line: 24, Col: 3

Warning: Function "mbed::NonCopyable<T>::NonCopyable(const mbed::NonCopyable<T> &) [with T=mbed::TimerEvent]" (declared at line 191 of "/extras/mbed/platform/NonCopyable.h") was declared "deprecated" in "extras/mbed/drivers/TimerEvent.h", Line: 32, Col: 29

I am guessing that as this example is two years old now, mbed doesn't backdate well. Don't know what the issue is but any help would be appreciated.

Cheers, Jack

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Hi Jack,

Our latest BLE examples are published here,


Also please use the latest Mbed OS since Mbed OS 5.3 is a little bit old.