mbed Interface v2.0 experiments - Adding CMSIS-DAP debug!

A peek at something we're working on in the labs; v2.0 of our mbed Interface!


The mbed Interface v2.0 adds support for the new CMSIS-DAP driverless USB debug connection, so in addition to the drag n drop FLASH programming you use with mbed, when you export to a full debug toolchain, you will be able to perform full debug with the same mbed hardware!

Here is a video showing it in action:

All the usual debug capabilities are supported:

  • set breakpoints
  • start/stop/step the execution
  • inspect local variables
  • inspect memory
  • inspect core registers

We're even planning on supplying this as a firmware update for the mbed Microcontrollers, so you'll be able to get this functionality for your existing mbeds as well as new ones!

If you are interested in this functionality, please register here:

We'll also be looking for a group of keen mbed users to help us test the new interface and report bugs; we'll contact the list above when we're ready to start the beta.

16 comments on mbed Interface v2.0 experiments - Adding CMSIS-DAP debug!:

11 Sep 2012

Simon, This is so so so amazingly cool!!!! Debug capabilities and I'll never go back to bare metal Arm programming again. I promise!!! You guys are amazing!

12 Sep 2012

Wow! Nice!!! The mbed just gets better and better...

12 Sep 2012

It is great. Hope you have video for other tool chains such as gcc.

12 Sep 2012

Magnificent news

12 Sep 2012

This is good news. Great for our 2nd and 3rd year students.

12 Sep 2012

Great !

12 Sep 2012

HM Yoong wrote:

It is great. Hope you have video for other tool chains such as gcc.

I don't consider GCC as a different toolchain. As far as I know it is only a compiler toolkit. You can use a GCC in MDK-ARM (which is shown in the video) if you like (http://www.keil.com/support/man/docs/uv4/uv4_dg_prjfoldext.htm).

12 Sep 2012

Whoops.. wrong login. Last comment was mine ;)

12 Sep 2012

Thats good news. That had save me some time to debug the dma mode of my tft driver :-)

12 Sep 2012

What a wicked addition to the mbed device!

14 Sep 2012

Wow, thanks for all the people who registered their interest, especially all the people who offered to beta test! We'll start contacting you all over the next few weeks to start the experiments!

20 Sep 2012

this is a very good news...amazing!keep up the good work guys

01 Oct 2012

This is very good news - given that debug capabilities exist in the hardware, this was something that mbed was clearly lacking.

04 Oct 2012

Excellent news - thanks for your continued improvement of the platform! Absolutely essential for complex programs and helpful for most others.

12 Feb 2013


24 Sep 2013

That is looking good! Hoping for non-Windows app support as well, at some point in the future! Too bad uVision and IAL is not available for *nix/osx... =(

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