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MBED hobbyist and sometimes contributor.

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  • BBTrackball

    Class to interface with Sparkfun's Blackberry Trackball Breakout Board.

    Blackberry, Brreakout, sparkfun, trackball
    Last updated: 09 Dec 2011 3 22
  • Mbed 2 deprecated

    Use a Sparkfun Blackberry Trackball Breakout Board as a mouse.

    Blackberry, breakout, Mouse, sparkfun, trackball
    Last updated: 11 Dec 2011 1 22
  • FakeFileSystem

    Successfully opens any file name given to it and pretends that all files have a certain number of bytes (set by application at time of mounting the file system.) Can …

    Last updated: 25 Dec 2011 1 14
  • FatFileSystem

    Updated FAT File System driver. Features include: * Updated to R0.09 - Sep 06, 2011 [[]] * Bug fixes from Stéphane Bausseron ** [[]] ** [[]] * Long filename support …

    FAT, file, Filenames, fixes, Long, System
    Last updated: 25 Dec 2011 1 6240
  • FlashFileSystem

    A file system which can mount, read, and enumerate a file system image which has been appended to the compiled .bin code file before being uploaded to the mbed device.

    file, flash, FlashFileSystem, System
    Last updated: 09 Apr 2015 3 140
  • USBAbsoluteMouse

    Uses a Sparkfun Thumb Joystick to control the X and Y coordinate returned from the mbed device acting as a HID based absolute mouse.

    joystick, mbed-m0, Mouse, USB
    Last updated: 07 Dec 2011 3 192
  • WeatherMeters

    Library for interfacing to Sparkfun Weather Meters.

    meters, sparkfun, weather
    Last updated: 25 Feb 2012 1 117
  • Mbed 2 deprecated

    Web server based weather station using Sparkfun Weather Meters.

    http, meters, server, sparkfun, weather, Web
    Last updated: 25 Feb 2012 2 113
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