mbed Blog Roundup

A lot has been going on recently at mbed! Here is a roundup of what's been happening:

New Issue Trackers and Pull Requests!

We've been adding some features to make working together on mbed even easier!

You can now add an issue tracker to your repositories. We've already enabled it on the official mbed repositories. read more.

Pull Requests are now being built-in to the workflows and are available in mbed betamode. read more.

CMSIS-DAP debug on all mbed-enabled hardware!

CMSIS-DAP support has been added for all mbed board firmware, so you can now debug your mbed hardware using a range of well known toolchains. read more

We've also released an open source python interface to allow debugging Cortex-M microcontrollers using CMSIS-DAP, either using GDB or your own custom scripts. read more

Professional and Academic Microcontroller Training based on mbed!

Providers of embedded software training Feabhas have chosen mbed as a platform for their professional training courses. read more.

ARM is running a free of charge, one-day microcontroller workshop at the ARM headquarters in Cambridge for academic teaching staff. read more.

mbed Application Board on sale!

The mbed application board went on sale in March and is selling like hotcakes! The credit card size application board provides a variety of peripherals which there are libraries and example code for in the cookbook so it is a great self contained development or training companion. read more.

Xively collaboration for building the Internet of Things!

We've been working with xively (formerly Cosm/Pachube) to launch their new IoT platform and Xively Jumpstart kit so you can rapidly prototype connected devices and co-develop IoT solutions. read more

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