ARM mbed + Xively = Internet connected products, fast!

We’re excited to announce we’re partnering with Xively on a kit for developers creating Internet of Things products! Xively builds on COSM/Pachube technology which leverages LogMeIn’s cloud that already connects over 250 million devices worldwide (mbed users among them). Combined with mbed you can rapidly prototype connected devices and co-develop IoT solutions, then easily migrate to a production design.


Xively Jumpstart Kit: ARM mbed edition includes :

mbed hardware

  • mbed LPC1768 (ARM Cortex-M3 based microcontroller)
  • mbed application board (integrated sensors, comms, LCD display)

mbed software

  • mbed’s professional online tools for software development
  • All the necessary libraries for Internet connection, sensor and LCD display drivers
  • Xively API library to connect mbed to the cloud

Xively Cloud Services™

  • Monitor and control your mbed device via the public cloud
  • Develop custom web or smartphone applications using your mbed prototype
  • Use Xively’s platform to provision and manage production devices

Find out more at the Xively Partners page, or purchase a kit from the Xively Jumpstart Kit page.

4 comments on ARM mbed + Xively = Internet connected products, fast!:

17 May 2013

Looks exciting! Does Xively work with NGX mx baseboard too?

22 Jun 2013

Hey,I will surely use it.

04 Jul 2013

If you are looking for a good IoT service try

A lot smaller than Pachube/Cosm/Xively but well featured.

I have recently been converted from Xively to ThingSpeak. The charting API is far better, they have a GET/POST Http service that can react to data from your channels, twitter tweeting and control from tweet built in.

27 Mar 2014

Ok, so I bought this application board. Uploaded the demo code to my mbed, connected everything properly. Then created an account in xively and everything works as it's supposed to. I was also able to add an additional sensor by changing the example code a little bit and it also works perfectly. Then I've tried to increase the update speed to see changes in the sensors faster. This caused like an error or something like that - xively stopped getting data from mbed. After some research, I found out that xively can only get data every 15 seconds. Well, this is a bit annoying. If i'll want to get some faster response, it won't work! This is one thing, which left me a bit disappointed. Another thing is, I'm not able to find any well written xively library description where I could find all the functions inside it. I also couldn't find any tutorial, which would explain how to control mbed from xively, it actually seams that there is no way to do this yet. I hope that in the future there will be more information considering these things, because now the only thing that works is this demo program, which only uploads the data from mbed. It isn't that interesting especially with that 15 seconds delay.

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