Issue Tracker now available for all code repositories

We are pleased to announce the introduction of an issue tracker for every mbed code repository (libraries and programs).


This new feature is switched off on repositories by default; to enable it on your code repository, just tick the "Enable issue tracking" checkbox in the "Admin settings":


We've included a very important field in the form for reporting an issue: the "URL to testcase program". Through this field you can provide a minimal test case reproducing the problem to the library maintainers, making it easier to find and fix problems.

We hope this will be a great way to track issue and feature requests on libraries, and make it even easier to improve the code quality of libraries published on

We have already enabled the issue tracker for all the mbed official code repositories. If you have issues related to these, please add a ticket. Also, if in the past you reported an issue in the forums or in a comment, that has perhaps not been noticed, it'd be great if you could add it here so it doesn't get missed. On the official mbed libraries, we will certainly give higher priority to the issues that have been reported with a testcase program, so it is a great habit to get into.

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