More Hardware! STMicroelectronics launches mbed-enabled family with NUCLEO

Just today STMicroelectronics (STMicro) announced their new line of STM32 mbed-enabled development boards, the STM32 Nucleo!

This will be a full line covering the STM32 Microcontrollers, and of course the really great thing is ST developers will now have access to mbed’s ecosystem of software, tools, and community!

The Nucleo boards will allow developers to re-use hardware and software IP for multiple projects and create scalability for their STM32 designs, as they are all going to be the same form factor and software platform. This will also offer a wide variety of shields supporting functions such as Bluetooth® LE or Wi-Fi connectivity, GPS, audio recording utilizing STMicro’s MEMS microphone capability, proximity sensing, and wireless control.

This is a great line, and we are looking forward to seeing the wider range of prototypes and innovations that come from the addition of the STM32 Nucleo family.

And if you are wondering, the first four boards will be released at Embedded World next week at $10.32 per unit!

Feel free to ask ST questions on the ST team page.

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17 Feb 2014

That's really great news, having 4 different boards makes it quite interesting in terms of hardware choice, nice move!

Looking forward to get my hands on such hardware, meanwhile I still have some ST STM32F4 Discovery boards laying around my workbench, is there any plans for this to be supported by MBED (maybe there is already support and I'm not aware).

17 Feb 2014 beautiful boards.. STM32 low power device and great combination with mbed..WITH LOW PRICE....great combination

17 Feb 2014

Hi Nelson,

The support will be for the new Nucleo boards that include the mbed interface support and cover the range of STM32 parts in the same way:


So no discovery board support, but hopefully quite a good choice!


17 Feb 2014

Wow that´s good news! People have been asking for ST support for years...

Hopefully will not get here in Brazil for 5x the price... =-´(

mbed rocks!

17 Feb 2014

At what frequency does the processor run?

17 Feb 2014


The Nucleo-F103RB runs at 72 MHz; The Nucleo-L152RE runs at 32 MHz; The Nucleo-F401RE runs at 84 MHz; The Nucleo-F030R8 runs at 48 MHz;

Regards, Diego

17 Feb 2014

When saving the compiled sourcecode to the Nucleo, up to 512 kB on-chip flash have to be programmed. How long does this take? Will there be a progress bar in the "file save" dialog? Thanks.

17 Feb 2014

Hi, I would like to know if with the ST-LINK/V2-1 debugger/programmer of the Nucleo boards we will be able to make real debugging of the programs in Eclipse, or an other offline IDE, with break points, step by step execution, the possibility of watching the content of the processor's registers and so on or only send serial message to a kind of terminal. Thank for the answer.

17 Feb 2014

Looks good. Can anyone provide links to good stuff based on those morpho headers - for prototyping etc???

17 Feb 2014

Will it run out of the box on MAC OS X (just as original mbed does)?

17 Feb 2014
17 Feb 2014

Great news. As always, ST is generous enough to release boards at a price almost equal to free. My question is, do they have plans to release 100pin version?

17 Feb 2014

Did anyone compiled any of the available Nucleo programs ? I get:

Error: Cannot open source input file "device.h": No such file or directory in "extras/mbed_824293ae5e43/platform.h", Line: 21, Col: 20

for 4 different programs (i2c_master, printf, display_time, blink_color_led) using all 4 diferent Nucleo compiler options

17 Feb 2014

If anybody interesting to try mbed for stm32, here is a link for EM::Blocks basic mbed project for STM32F0xxx MCUs. Works fine with STM32F0Discovery board.

17 Feb 2014

You have to update the mbed lib to the actual version. The demo projects are loading a old mbed lib -?

undefined wrote:

17 Feb 2014

I can see the TARGET STM32F4xx in the MBED-SRC, is this intended for the discovery board in the future?

17 Feb 2014

Hi Nikos,

Please update the mbed library build in your program to the latest revision, which will fix the issue. The Nucleo examples are not using the latest revision currently, but it's on top of our todo list for tomorrow.


nikos chalikias wrote:

Did anyone compiled any of the available Nucleo programs ? I get:

Error: Cannot open source input file "device.h": No such file or directory in "extras/mbed_824293ae5e43/platform.h", Line: 21, Col: 20

for 4 different programs (i2c_master, printf, display_time, blink_color_led) using all 4 diferent Nucleo compiler options

17 Feb 2014


Why use 4 low end parts? ST Micro evidently see the mbed platform as something for tiny devices that don't do much. Surely at least ONE board with a high-end device like an F407 with Ethernet could have been managed - instead we get 4 low end devices that are not all that different from each other.

Bah, humbug.

I suppose I'll have to hack to the platform files myself. At least they made the mbed interface detachable so it could be used with other parts easily. But no Ethernet support makes that a lot of work.

18 Feb 2014

From the ST Micro press release:

"The STM32 Nucleo-F030R8, STM32 Nucleo-F103RB, STM32 Nucleo-F401RE and STM32 Nucleo-L152RE are available immediately, priced from $10.32 per unit. The STM32 Nucleo-F072RB, STM32 Nucleo-F302R8, STM32 Nucleo-F334R8, and STM32 Nucleo-L053R8 boards will be introduced during Q2 2014."

Perhaps if they are doing this many they will do even more beyond Q2 2014.

19 Feb 2014

Is there support for stm32f4discovery in the pipeline? Given that the processor of one board is pretty similar it should at least not to hard to get the discovery board up and running with the available sources?

19 Feb 2014

yet another board its getting mighty crowded out there and will they have the examples and libraries to support ? few do

20 Feb 2014

Brain, the fast majority of the mbed libraries only require the standard mbed libs (so mbed itself, possibly things like USBDevice), which is the point behind them. So your code is independent of the board you use, at most people will have to change the pins they use.

09 Mar 2014

It's possible to use USBDevice with Nucleo F401. Target which I have selected is ST Nucleo F401RE but when I add USBDevice library I get compilation error 35. I review codes little bit and I can see in USBEndpoints.h this code:

#elif defined (TARGET_STM32F4XX)
#include "USBEndpoints_STM32F4.h"
#error "Unknown target type"

but unfortunately this target is not set because I get "Unknown target type". Doesn't ST Nucleo F401RE support USB, or I'm doing something wrong. btw I'm newbie in mbed.

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