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  • Mbed 2 deprecated

    Accelerometer logger for FRDM-KL25. Use 921600bps for serial connection over USB.

    Last updated: 04 Jun 2014 1 48
  • ESP8266

    Library for using the Wifi module ESP8266, first version with basic commands, soon new commands will be added

    Last updated: 23 Jan 2015 3 2550
  • MMA8451Q

    My version of the library for this accelerometer. It works on 800Hz data rate.

    Last updated: 04 Jun 2014 1 3655

    This is a VERY low-level library for controlling the TSI hardware module in a KL25 microcontroller. The programmer creates the TSI object passing basic parameters, and selects the active channels. …

    KL25, touch, TSI
    Last updated: 26 Sep 2014 2 154
  • WebSocketClient

    Simple websocket client

    tcp/ip, WebSocket
    Last updated: 07 Aug 2014 11 14
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