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connecting ESP8266 to LPC1768


The max pin voltage for ESP8266 is 3.3V. LPC1768 has a 3.3V outlet. Since I dont want to use a seperate USB<-> Serial convertor Can I use LPC1768 to communicate with ESP8266 ? To what pins should I connect the TX/RX pins of ESP8266 ?

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Actually, you can connect any input/output pin of LPC1768 to the Tx/Rx pins of ESP8266, but if the pins connected is not UART pins, you have to write the program of receiving and sending datas by youself.

posted by Jiang Xianming 21 Feb 2015

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Yes, you may connect your dev board directly to the ESP8266, both work with 3.3V levels. You may use any UART port to connecto to the ESP8266. Remember to connect board Tx to ESP Rx, and vice-versa.

I suggest looking at these great ESP connection tutorials at:





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