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How to edit hidden files in mbed-dev library?


I want to edit a file at the mbed-dev library. However, this file does not show up in the compiler. If I try to add it manually, I get a message stating that the file already exists. So, this file is somehow hidden.

Does anyone know how to make this file visible?

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6 years, 8 months ago.

It shows up in the online compiler just fine as shown in the attached image. /media/uploads/AndyA/files.png It's in grey because the online system can't edit .s files but you can get around that by editing it offline.

Accepted Answer

Now I found it! For some strange reason, my Opera browser makes navigation in the left panel very difficult. When I follow the path in the main panel, I cannot see the file. Now I have to export the file to edit it offline, but how do I put it back inti the original folder? It does not accept the .S extension.

posted by Antonio Quevedo 22 Jul 2016

upload as a .c file and then rename it?

posted by Andy A 22 Jul 2016

I have managed it. I have to export the file to my local computer, then edit it and import back

posted by Antonio Quevedo 25 Jul 2016
6 years, 8 months ago.

Add the mbed-dev library to your project and be sure to delete the "mbed" folder in your project. Should compile fine.