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Build failed on ESP8266 of FRDM-KL25Z.

I have created a new program and import your library into mbed compiler, copy your example into main.cpp.

However, building failed.

Error: No instance of constructor "ESP8266::ESP8266" matches the argument list in "main.cpp", Line: 8, Col: 13

ESP8266 esp(PTE0, PTE1, 115200);

if we changed it to ESP8266 esp(D8, D2) in STM32F103RB platform, then this error removed. ESP8266 esp(PTE0, PTE1) should work for KL25Z.

Error: Identifier "PTE0" is undefined in "main.cpp", Line: 9, Col: 13 PTE0 is invalid? Maybe different name? I have no idea why PTE0/PTE1 is not available for UART to ESP8266. It should be UART1 of TX/RX.

Error: Class "ESP8266" has no member "GetConnStatus" in "main.cpp", Line: 52, Col: 9 Error: Class "ESP8266" has no member "StartServerMode" in "main.cpp", Line: 55, Col: 9 Error: Class "ESP8266" has no member "CloseServerMode" in "main.cpp", Line: 60, Col: 9

And GetConnStatus/StartServerMode/CloseServerMode indeed are not declared and implemented in esp8266.cpp/.h.

Maybe the version has been updated?


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8 years, 2 months ago.

Well that's strange because I use it with my FRDM board. I have updated the libraries with the version that includes GetConnStatus/StartServerMode/CloseServerMode, but it did not change at the library page. I have just update that again, and it does not show the new commands.

I believe that the problem is a lack of sync between the updated example program and the "not updated" library. I have just tried to update it again, the changes have not shown up yet, hopefully it will show soon. i will keep track of the update and try again if it does not work.

Still not updating Antonio ( like the outfit :) )


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