Forks of USBDevice

A fork is a repository which is based on a copy of this repository.

Działająca myszka
USB Composite support device, USB
USBDevice with MAX32620HSP platform support
USB device stack device, USB
USB device stack (USBDevice::connect non-blocking) device, USB
USB device stack, with KL25Z fixes for USB 3.0 hosts and sleep/resume interrupt handling device, USB
4180 final project
Modified USBAudio to call a callback function when audio an packets is received.
USB device stack that isn't working device, USB
USBDevice library with Blue Pill STM32F103C8T6 board support. BLUEPILL_F103C8, STM32F103C8T6, USBDevice, usbserial
Modified USBDevice mainly for debug of serial port communications. It is unfinished and should not be used - use the main branch.
Fork of mbed official USBDevice with USB connection blocking disabled by default USB
Add follows to keyCode in USBKeyboard.h. KEY_BS, /* BS */ KEY_TAB, /* TAB */ KEY_LF, /* LF */
renamed class CircBuffer to CircularBuffer WiflyInterface library already has a class named CircBuffer. When using this USBDevice library with WiflyInterface library, compilation error occurs stating that CircBuffer is already defined.
USB device stack - Added support for the logo/windows key to USB keyboard. device, USB
USBDevice Library for QSB_Scancode_USB
Add non blocking connect support for hiddevice HID
Adds class implementation for use STM32F4xx OTG_HS in FS mode stm32, USB_OTH_HS
USB device stack device, USB
updsted the USB to persuade it to build for the Dragonfly platfom
changed 2 functions to press and release keys
Fork of official USBDevice with support for STM32F446 Nucleo-64 added. Nucleo, STM32F446, USBDevice
USB device stack device, USB
Fork of the official USBDevice library
USB device stack, fixes for USBSerial & KL25Z device, USB
USB device stack
Fork of official USB device library just changed PID (Product ID) in constructor in USBMSD.h to be different for USBMSD_AT45_HelloWorld program USBDevice
Library used for HID protocol communication with the PC.
Forked to make modifications to bring the USBHID into USB compliance and add additional features.
Altered slightly to make the USB blocking default to off
USB device stack device, USB
Added MIDI Realtime Clock Messages device, USB