Dependents of USBDevice

A dependent is a program or library which makes use of this library.

USB MSD HID composite device hello world
USBHID test program
see channel, MIDI, Note, pitch, Serial, UART, USB, velocity
USBAudio Hello World
USBAudio example using a microphone
USBAudio speaker example
USBAudio example: playback
USBHID Hello World
USBHID test case
USBKeyboard Hello World
USBKeyboard example with media keys
USBMIDI Hello World
USBMIDI example
USBMouse Hello World
USBMouseKeyboard Hello World
USBMSD_SD HelloWorld for FRDM-KL25Z
USBMSD SD card Hello World for Mbed platforms
USBSerial echo example
USBSerial Hello World
In-air mouse using Freedom board
USBSerialKeyboard Example Program example, USBSerialKeyboard
Volt measure from serial connection of 4x820Ohm resistors using print over USBSerial to PC (TeraTerm) usbserial, Volt measure
USBMSD_SD HelloWorld for FRDM-KL25Z
Prototype example of a ram disk running over usb on a kl25z KL25z, MSB, Ramdisk, USB
Modified example of LED / Accelerometer demo. Added TSI for brightness control KL25z, led, MMA8451Q, touch, TSI
Test application for Freedom KL25Z, mouse driven by accelerometer and click with TSI interface
Homework #2 Problem #3
Seeeduino Arch + Grove - OLED 128x64 + Grove - Temperature & Humidity Sensor Pro to sense the environment
USB mouse example for KL25 Freedom board. KL25
**KL25Z** AnalogIn, TextLCD, USBDevice demo
ram version see usbmsd_sd.cpp ram ok fs CANNOT be installed - too small use for illustrative purpose only
ok put into USB device mode attach headset to analog out use control panel to set MBED as default output adjtst speaker volume to get sound play music
midi device enerates tones according freedom rotation
Upverter fit bit clone. fitbit, pedometer
Ultrasonic HCSR04 values sent to a LCD 2x16 Freescale, HCSR04, KL25z, LCD, ultrasonic
Embedded RTOS class project. This project allows a Python/Tk program running on a PC host to monitor/control a test-CPU programmed into an altera development board.
embedded RTOS class project.
embedded RTOS class project.
auto clicker for coockieclicker Mouse, USB