Forked to make modifications to bring the USBHID into USB compliance and add additional features.

Dependents:   HW4_AudioControl

Fork of USBDevice by mbed official

As of Revision 18 everything in the USBHID specification is now implemented, except Multi-reports.

Revision comments for changelist 18


  • Added SET_PROTOCOL support
  • Added GET_PROTOCOL support
  • protocolSate is set to 1 by default to match USB HID specification. This variable should be checked to determine which format theinput report should have. 1 - Use the user specified report format. 0 - Use the BOOT protocol report format.

Revision comments for changelist 16

  • HID_REPORT transformed from structure to class. This was done for several reasons.
  1. When multiple reports are used the 64 byte size for every report becomes a problem.
  2. The length value should always remain the same for a report, Make the constructor set the vale at the same time it allocates memory for the DATA area.
  • By default the data will be an array of MAX_HID_REPORT_SIZE like the structure,
  • When given a length argument, the hid_report.length will be set, and will be an array of the size given.
  • Length zero causes data to be NULL
  • Mostly backwards compatible. The definition of a destructor caused a compiler error in USBMouse::update and USBMousekeyboard::update. This error was caused by instatiation of HID_REPORT in the middle of an IF logic statement. These files have been modified. The error complained that the logic skipped object initialization. The HID_REPORT has been moved to the class definition. Since both ABSOLUTE and RELATIVE modes used the HID_REPORT, this seems to make more sense. Previously the hid_report would be instatiated in <class>::mousesend and <class>::update.

Revision comments for changelist 14


  • Modified USB device state to change from Configure when disconnect is called.
  • Modified the call back function for when the suspend state changes. This should be used to turn off peripherals to conserve power.

Revision comments for changelist 13


  • ) Changed DEBUG messages to be more descriptive for string descriptor
  • ) Bug fix: Control Transfers did not actually transfer the data from Buffer to transfer->ptr


  • ) Added ALL CLASS request to KEYWORD list
  • ) Added KEYWORDS for report type


  • ) Added a new constructor to specify size of feature report
  • ) Added HID_REPORT inputReport and featureReport
  • ) Added data structures to support IDLE rate
  • ) Added data structures to support callback functions


  • ) Changed constructor to initialize new feature data structures
  • ) Implemented Set_IDLE/GET_IDLE and the periodic resend of non-changed data
  • ) Implemented HID specification required control transfer GET_REPORT
  • ) Fixed issue where Intreput transfers and control transfers did not access the same data structures.
  • ) Implemented Feature reports
  • ) Implemented Callback Hooks for get_report/set_report actions.
  • ) Added callback hooks for interupt actions in the new functions.
  • ) interupt transfer can now write to outputReport
  • ) Modified SET_REPORT code to function for multiple types.
  • ) Refactored some code in preperation to add multi report support
Test NumberTest DescriptionTest ResultNotes
1Use USBmouse to verify backward compatibility of constructor and methodsPass
2Test SET_REPORT can set a feature reportPass
3Test GET_REPORT can retrieve a feature reportPass
4Test SET_IDLE sets up a reoccuring triggerPassIOCTL_SET_POLL_FREQUENCY_MSEC does not function for the windows HID driver. A Special test program is used to rearm the IDLE rate after windows sets it to zero
5Test SET_IDLE disables a triggerPassWindows automatically sends this command to a HID device when it is inserted.
6Enabled DEBUG in USBDevice.cpp and generated str descriptor requests.Pass
7Test SET_REPORT can set an output reportPass
8Test GET_REPORT can retrieve an output reportPass
9ReadFile, accesses the input_reportPass
10WriteFile accesses the output_report, via interupt transfer when ep1_out is used.Pass
11WriteFile accesses the output_report, via control transfer when ep1_out is NOT used.Not Tested
12Callback hooks trigger independently for each type of set_report/get_reportPass
13New constructor sets feature_report sizePass
14Control transfer SET_REPORT and writeFile access the same data structureBUGThe same data structure is accessed, but the data transfer size is different. The writeFile strips the leading byte which is the report ID, The Control transfer keeps the byte.
15Control transfer GET_REPORT and readFile access the same data structureBUGThe same dtat structure is accessed, but the data transfer size is different. The readFile strips the leading byte which is the report ID, The Control transfer keeps the byte.
16Test GET_IDLE retrieves the IDLE rateUnknownWindows HID driver does not implement IOCTL_HID_GET_POLL_FREQUENCY_MSEC
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