Forks of SDFileSystem

A fork is a repository which is based on a copy of this repository.

10Hz GPS, Megasquirt, SD card, ADXL345 20x4 LCD
This is SDFileSystem which corrected the bug for MiMicSDK. FAT, file, SD, System
Fixed SDFileSystem when no card present (pull request). FAT, file, SD, System
Change SPI clock.
Working as of 2/28 10am, checked off in hall
Modified SDFilesystem
No changes from official
old repo- SD card read example - without update
File to SdCard
SDFileSystem edited to have CD FAT, file, SD, System
version with faster SPI clock for audio playback
library used for sd card
Made the initialize function try up to three times to get the card in IDLE state before giving up. This fixes the issue with f_open failing the first time after …
FAT file system implemented to KL46Z board
Some data rate setting was making program stop in runtime
SD example
works with B.A.T.
experimenting with the clock frequency
Fork for project
Old version that works for my purpouses
for alarm program
data logger