6pin SPI header to microSD connector adapter

Hello World

Import programHTTP_SD_Server

HTTP SD Card File Server


Import librarySDFileSystem





This is an adapter board to allow a microSD card to connect to a 6 pin SPI connector like the one found on the Seeeduino Arch Pro. This is a good way to store files to be served over the ethernet interface. Using the 6 pin SPI connector leaves all the Arduino shield pins available for shields. It is designed to be very compact so that it can fit under a shield without interference. It works with the standard SDFileSystem.

Please note that to use this with the Seeeduino Arch Pro, you will need to install a shunt across R52 to connect 3.3V power to the SPI header.

The design documentation for the board is available on the fritzing site: http://fritzing.org/projects/spi2sd#

Here is the adapter installed on the Seeeduino Arch Pro: /media/uploads/gsteiert/spi2sd_-_1.jpg

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