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  • Mbed 2 deprecated

    FFT using CMSIS for non mbed-os for smaller capacity chips with DAC output e.g. F303K8 to display FFT to an Oscilloscope with example to send to MAX7219 LED Array

    cmsis, FFT, LED_Array, MAX7219, mbed
    Last updated: 13 Apr 2018 1 59
  • Mbed OS

    CMSIS libraries example to DAC output of NUCLEO boards (that have them e.g F429ZI) to an Oscilloscope to display frequency domain bins

    Last updated: 13 Apr 2018 1 149
  • Mbed 2 deprecated

    A very Simple Program to enable you to start using the i2c with the 24AA02x 2K EEPROM using i2c Addressing. It's not all singing and dancing but features read write …

    Last updated: 16 Dec 2014 1 164
  • Mbed 2 deprecated

    IIR Sample Code

    Last updated: 13 Oct 2017 1 13
  • Mbed 2 deprecated

    DSP Module

    Last updated: 13 Oct 2017 1 6
  • Mbed 2 deprecated

    Simple Test Program to check ACK from i2c Devices connected to an MBED board and then to report their addresses

    EEPROM, I2C, Nucleo, RTC, sensors, test
    Last updated: 15 Feb 2021 2 163
  • LPS25H

    MEMS pressure sensor by STMicroelectronics. FIFO Hardware digital filter as default.

    barometer, I2C, MEMS, pressure, sensor, STMicro
    Last updated: 29 Mar 2017 2 5
  • Mbed 2 deprecated

    Program with explinations for ease of use of these Ultra-Sonic sensors to give mm resolution

    components, SFR05
    Last updated: 16 Mar 2017 2 15

    Half Duplex Version of SWSPI

    bang, bit, duplex, half, SPI, SWSPI
    Last updated: 19 Jun 2018 4 2
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