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Nucleo F429ZI: Ethernet Interface not connecting to laptop

I'm trying to create an Ethernet connection between a Nucleo F429ZI board and a Windows 10 Dell laptop. I simply want to be able to send UDP packets between the two using an ethernet cable. I am using the Ethernet Interface similarly to how its done on the MBed website in Docs › Reference › Network Interfaces › Ethernet, but the .connect() function on the EthernetInterface object is failing. I have tried many different settings and IP address configurations but I believe the problem has to do either the physical connection (ie do I have to have a router or a switch in between the two?) or the laptop itself not having the right drivers or wrong settings. I think it's one of those reasons because the code is failing before even creating a UDP socket and sending to it. If you know of any examples with a similar goal or can provide any insight into how to debug it, that would be awesome. Thanks!

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posted by rain smith 15 Feb 2019

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You need to manually set an IP with your own LAN Set your network port on your laptop as Use the code snippet below to set the MBED board to Regards

#define IP        ""
#define NETMASK   ""
#define GATEWAY   ""

EthernetInterface eth;
TCPSocket socket;
UDPSocket udpsocket;

int main()
    printf("Example network-socket HTTP client\n");
    eth.set_network(IP, NETMASK, GATEWAY);
    // Brings up the network interface
    const char *ip = eth.get_ip_address();
    const char *mac = eth.get_mac_address();
    printf("IP address is: %s\n", ip ? ip : "No IP");
    printf("MAC address is: %s\n", mac ? mac : "No MAC");

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That worked! Thanks for the help

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posted by rain smith 15 Feb 2019

I had some issues with your intructions. My TCP/IP conecction worked when the ip "" is the same as the gateway in my laptop, also the gateway setted in the board differ with respect to IPv4 established in my laptop. I dont really know what is going on here.

posted by Dwheel BP 26 May 2019