A simple WIP that logs data from a Grove sensor, and can send and receive information over USB and SMS.

Dependencies:   DHT DS_1337 SDFileSystem USBDevice mbed

Auto generated API documentation and code listings for Seeed_Arch_GPRS_V2_Humidty_Alert


AbstractHandler Inherited by all handlers. It forms the basis of any handler, by having a simple run function, called in main.cpp , and a setRequest function which is used to set a request specific to the reimplemented class
CircBuff Writes in and reads out byte arrays into a circular buffer
Dht22Result The Dht22Result struct is the information read from a Dht22 Grove sensor
GprsHandler Saves recipients and looks after incoming and outgoing messages
GroveDht22 Handles the interface to the DHT22 humidity and temperature sensor
MeasurementHandler Forms the link between data generation and data output, and stores settings
MyTimers Creates a Ticker and decrements a collection of unsigned longs that act as timers across the program
SdHandler Writes messages to file and handles SD card status
UsbComms Handles input and output for the serial port connected to a PC The main run() function cycles through checking for input and copying to a buffer to be handled, and checking the output buffer to see if there is anything to be sent out


AbstractHandler.h [code]
circbuff.cpp [code]
circbuff.h [code]
config.h [code]
GprsHandler.cpp [code]
GprsHandler.h [code]
GroveDht22.cpp [code]
GroveDht22.h [code]
main.cpp [code]
measurementhandler.cpp [code]
measurementhandler.h [code]
rtc.cpp [code]
rtc.h [code]
SdHandler.cpp [code]
SdHandler.h [code]
timers.cpp [code]
timers.h [code]
UsbComms.cpp [code]
UsbComms.h [code]