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RevisionDateWhoCommit message
159:9dbc0657238c 5 months agobwang05/07/2017 13:42 - bugfix in constrain_norm(), which previously stepped from max to 1 magnitude when limiting kicked in default tip
158:882f9c208378 5 months agobwangtypo fix
157:a9b2002994d5 5 months agobwang05/07/2017 12:46 - added overmodulation option to config_loop
156:cf92f967983d 5 months agobwang05/04/2017 17:16 - encoder class now sets TIM->ARR to CPR - 1
155:7c6005933d4c 5 months agobwang05/04/2017 13:34 - changed logic in PwmIn::handle_fall, which no longer resets timer on invalid edges
154:0a22dcf91577 5 months agobwang05/04/2017 12:44 - moved median filter objects to ControlStruct, is_driving() now checks % torque cmd instead of raw throttle value
153:8a1f9888f003 5 months agobwangtemp commit, moving average does not seem to work too well
152:6877dceec871 5 months agobwang05/04/2017 11:14 - removed w_crazy checks, switched velocity to median filtering
151:5bbb15351798 5 months agobwang05/04/2017 10:33 - removed throttle_crazy checks as these lead to dangerous behavior; beginnings of new filter code in main.cpp
150:08c13bfc7417 5 months agobwangWIP: new filtering code
149:c51c0258c923 5 months agobwang05/04/2017 08:53 - added fast path for median-of-3
148:9bca96f7be5c 5 months agobwang05/03/2017 09:39 - indexing bugfix in median code
147:c1b2379b8874 5 months agobwang05/03/2017 09:26 - added use_median option to circular buffers (since average filters may not want to recalculate the median every sample)
146:296bcc30e65d 5 months agobwang05/03/2017 08:36 - added median and moving average filters
145:37ffa3ba3862 5 months agobwang05/03/2017 08:27 - CircularBuffer moved to its own .cpp file
144:a9e7fa1c98d7 5 months agobwang05/03/2017 08:24 - added circular buffer code
143:a7a0c9d70e8a 5 months agobwang05/02/2017 06:54 - fast logging is now back to logging vd, vq instead of decoupling terms
142:0e0a164feb4c 5 months agobwangtypo fix
141:ccd21d7fbd1a 5 months agobwang05/01/2017 08:13 - enabled->disabled now resets usec count in PwmIn
140:170411d158b5 5 months agobwang05/01/2017 08:13 - enabled->disabled now resets usec count in PwmIn
139:d5ef8d1936f8 5 months agobwang05/01/2017 07:58 - W_CRAZY limit bumped up, never an issue on the road but may behave strangely on the bench
138:7ff70cef8db3 5 months agobwang05/01/2017 07:21 - rising edge from disabled state now resets usec count in PwmIn
137:54c47ef47bbb 5 months agobwang05/01/2017 07:21 - rising edge from disabled state now resets usec count in PwmIn
136:607bdeb17e2f 5 months agobwang05/01/2017 06:40 - more tweaks to throttle limits
135:63ef59eb7f2a 5 months agobwangtop speed for the best run on this table was only 40mph, not 47
134:c9f1ab6c8811 5 months agobwang05/01/2017 03:17 - changed throttle limits to match 56k pulldown; relaxed THROTTLE_CRAZY bounds a bit
133:a5417cabea47 5 months agobwang05/01/2017 03:12 - tweaked throttle bounds for lower (56k) pulldown; relaxed THROTLE_CRAZY parameters a bit
132:101b74e4763a 5 months agobwang05/01/2017 01:21 - driving code, 0.7g, achieved 47mph. Has throttle filtering
131:031df63c7dbc 5 months agobwangdecoupling
130:639cd8586f86 5 months agobwang04/30/2017 04:51 - non-saturating tables, 8KW out to 600 rad/s. Extremely high top speed (1500 rad/s). code changes: removed a bunch of debug variables and commented-out code
129:9ceb1472aff1 5 months agobwang04/30/2017 02:48 - new tables from Ben, satuating flux linkage and inductance
128:34abfa929788 5 months agobwang04/30/2017 02:45 - added CHANGELOG.txt
127:0b5edf7ef849 5 months agobwangrestored throttle filtering
126:498f56ba051e 5 months agobwangformat change, since it is hard to measure actual inverter delay
125:32d84699156b 5 months agobwangtypo fix
124:e70ca81676fc 5 months agobwangadded voltage delay compensation term
123:d81d91c9abe8 5 months agobwangadded compensation for speed-dependent phase offset
122:53be0630f79d 5 months agobwangformatting changes
121:de10418bf2c2 5 months agobwangworking calibration (plot output first!), new offset, new mechanical position code
120:57b6f3b1356b 5 months agobwangtransitioning to new velocity code
119:ad7a6af6fba3 5 months agobwangrunning code, new phase (5.7614) working sensor calibration code, some new PositionSensor functions
118:2b6dab10b69d 6 months agobwangposition sensor calibration does things, but are they right?
117:97da9eb4300e 6 months agobwang(untested) position sensor autocalibration
116:aab9ed9586b9 6 months agobwangthis commit integrates several previous fixes (correct parameters, throttlemapper fix) and has a saturation-less table
115:6c1bce07768d 6 months agobwangintegral_d and q are now constrained in a circle, not an ellipse
114:095a77fcf53b 6 months agobwangadded decoupling, finally corrected hardcoded motor parameters
113:bae8e944f756 6 months agobwanghigher gains for reduced driving performance, but improved bench-testing performance
112:ba3a772f57b3 6 months agobwangcubic polynomial approximation of saturation
111:451e40aed753 6 months agobwangother ThrottleMappers now track for negative throttle
110:c66f359b6932 6 months agobwangerror values (-1) are clamped by throttlemapper
109:4a2dd455d9a3 6 months agobwangtable with lower flux linkage, no saturation
108:ac6db1b94b59 6 months agobwangformatting changes
107:efd0e7550b9f 6 months agobwangno field weakening at all (ben)
106:5139124a2d94 6 months agobwangben's newer tables, closer to correct
105:9a6700cd6487 6 months agobwangben's new tables
104:ded0988cab43 6 months agobwangben's tables
103:932804a7aee2 6 months agobwangsaturating tables (Bayley), 43Nm@200A
102:1cd38f88393c 6 months agobwangrunning firmware
101:4f322f608280 6 months agobwangslightly lower gains
100:d100eb7d80ed 6 months agobwangsome table configurations still oscillated, lower gains