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K64F_DIFF_A2D Featured
A simple differential A2D demo
rtos_compass Featured
A basic eCompass using mbed-RTOS
KL46_eCompass Featured
This program uses the MMA8451 & MAG3110 on a KL-46 freedom board to implement a tilt compensated eCompass with the heading displayed on the LCD. This program uses the mbed ...
K64F_eCompass Featured
This is an example of a tilt compensated eCompass running on a K64F Freedom Platform using the on board FXOS8700 6 axis sensor and Freescale's eCompass software library in a ...
This is a simple demo which is the solution for Lab 2
This is an example program for the Freescale multi-sensor shield, part number FRDM-FXS-MULTI
A basic library for the MMA8652 accelerometer, provides data in either floating point G's or as a signed 16 bit integer.
Rev 0.1 Simple operation of just X, Y, Z values in floating point G's
Basic component library for the FXAS21000 gyro from Freescale
A basic Library for the 16 bit Differential A/D in the K64F Freedom platform
Added function to retrieve raw data from sensor
Added function to retrieve raw data from sensor
Improved eCompass with support for different sensor options and a new C++ wrapper
A basic library for the FXOS8700Q combination accelerometer / magnetometer
An eCompass library only for use on FPU enabled platforms like the K64F
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