David Giles

Keresley, United Kingdom


I work for Hitex UK LTD, as an embedded firmware engineer and have significant embedded firmware experience covering many CPU architectures includes ARM7, ARM9, Cortex M0, CortexM3, PIC16Cxx, dsPIC33Fxxxx, ST7, ST6, and NEC 8bit UPD78k.
I have developed two base board platforms for the mbed module, the mbed prototyping matrix board plus the complete RS-EDP modular development system.

The mbed prototyping matrix board is available to purchase from both Hitex and RS components.

The RS-EDP platform is aimed as educational establishments and its modular approach lendsitself to changing lesson plans and labs.
I have written all of the firmware blocks for the RD-EDP systems for the mbed module all of which are available to download.

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