Dependents of MODDMA

A dependent is a program or library which makes use of this library.

Second revision of test code for Polyathalon sensor board. AHRC, Polyathalon
Generate sine waves with 2 mbeds synchronised. Configurable amplitude and phase. Built for 50 Hz mains simulations. dac, MODDMA, Sine
Generate a sine wave on the Analog Output using DMA alone. dac, DMA, DMAFuncGen, MODDMA
Example program for Heroic Robotics FastPixel LED strip driver.
Mbed firmware to capture 4 mic inputs and provide data over ethernet.
modification of Andrew Kirkhams MODDMA code to send packets over Ethernet and using multiple ADC channels
Programming an array of NeoPixels using the GPDMA for maximum performance. DMA, gpdma, NeoPixel
xypad theremin for LPC1768
Edited version of the wave player class that uses the MODDMA library to handle transfers to the DAC.
Publishing for Biomimetics.
MODDMA demo program for LPC1768. Uses DMA to output a 1Khz sine wave to the DAC (p18). Main just blinks LED1.
Demo using DMA to play recorded audio samples to the DAC (p18) on the mbed LPC1768 using the MODDMA library for the LPC1768.
example of variable frequency DAQ output using DMA Controller
Lab 1 Part 10