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Nucleo 144pins ethernet spi conflict

  • If you use Ethernet and not SPI
    • Keep your board with the default configuration.
  • If you use SPI and not Ethernet
    • You should remove JP6 jumper on the front side of the board.
  • If you use both SPI and Ethernet
    • You have to patch the NUCLEO board on the back side: remove SB121 and close SB122 solder bridges. This will connect PB_5 to D11 instead of PA_7.
    • Overwrite the d11_configuration by using the mbed_app.json file and use PB_5 (instead of PA_7 default value).


"target_overrides": {
    "NUCLEO_F746ZG":  {
        "target.d11_configuration": "PB_5"

See the mbed-cli documentation for more information on the configuration system syntax:

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