Updates to follow mbed SDK coding style guidelines.


Dependents:   53L0A1_Satellites_with_Interrupts_OS5 Display_53L0A1_OS5

Fork of X_NUCLEO_53L0A1 by ST

Auto generated API documentation and code listings for X_NUCLEO_53L0A1_mbed_sdk


CurIOVal_u Cache the full set of expanded GPIO values to avoid i2c reading
Display Class representing Display
Stmpe1600 Class representing a whole stmpe1600 component (16 gpio)
Stmpe1600DigiIn Class representing a single stmpe1600 GPIO expander input pin
Stmpe1600DigiOut Class representing a single stmpe1600 GPIO expander output pin
VL53L0X Class representing a VL53L0 sensor component
VL53L0X_Dev_t Generic PAL device type that does link between API and platform abstraction layer
VL53L0X_DevData_t VL53L0X PAL device ST private data structure
End user should never access any of these field directly
VL53L0X_DeviceInfo_t Defines the parameters of the Get Device Info Functions
VL53L0X_DeviceParameters_t Defines all parameters for the device
VL53L0X_DMaxData_t Structure containing the Dmax computation parameters and data
VL53L0X_HistogramData_t Histogram measurement data
VL53L0X_RangeData_t Range measurement data
VL53L0X_SpadData_t Spad Configuration Data
VL53L0X_Version_t Defines the parameters of the Get Version Functions
X_NUCLEO_53L0A1 Class representing the X-NUCLEO-VL53L0A1 expansion board


Display_class.h [code]
stmpe1600_class.h [code] Header file for component stmpe1600
vl53l0x_class.cpp [code] Implementation file for the VL53L0X driver class
vl53l0x_class.h [code]
vl53l0x_def.h [code]
vl53l0x_device.h [code]
vl53l0x_i2c_platform.h [code]
vl53l0x_interrupt_threshold_settings.h [code]
vl53l0x_platform.h [code]
vl53l0x_platform_log.h [code]
vl53l0x_tuning.h [code]
vl53l0x_types.h [code]
x_nucleo_53l0a1.cpp [code]
x_nucleo_53l0a1.h [code]