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Dependents:   53L0A1_Satellites_with_Interrupts_OS5 Display_53L0A1_OS5

Fork of X_NUCLEO_53L0A1 by ST

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VL53L0X_SpadData_t Struct Reference

VL53L0X_SpadData_t Struct Reference
[VL53L0X Defines]

Spad Configuration Data. More...

#include <vl53l0x_def.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t RefSpadEnables [VL53L0X_REF_SPAD_BUFFER_SIZE]
uint8_t RefGoodSpadMap [VL53L0X_REF_SPAD_BUFFER_SIZE]

Detailed Description

Spad Configuration Data.

Definition at line 406 of file vl53l0x_def.h.

Field Documentation

uint8_t RefGoodSpadMap[VL53L0X_REF_SPAD_BUFFER_SIZE]

Reference Spad Good Spad Map

Definition at line 410 of file vl53l0x_def.h.

uint8_t RefSpadEnables[VL53L0X_REF_SPAD_BUFFER_SIZE]

Reference Spad Enables

Definition at line 408 of file vl53l0x_def.h.