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Fork of X_NUCLEO_53L0A1 by ST

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VL53L0X_DevData_t Struct Reference

VL53L0X_DevData_t Struct Reference
[VL53L0X Defines]

VL53L0X PAL device ST private data structure
End user should never access any of these field directly. More...

#include <vl53l0x_def.h>

Data Fields

VL53L0X_DMaxData_t DMaxData
int32_t Part2PartOffsetNVMMicroMeter
int32_t Part2PartOffsetAdjustmentNVMMicroMeter
VL53L0X_DeviceParameters_t CurrentParameters
VL53L0X_RangingMeasurementData_t LastRangeMeasure
VL53L0X_HistogramMeasurementData_t LastHistogramMeasure
VL53L0X_DeviceSpecificParameters_t DeviceSpecificParameters
VL53L0X_SpadData_t SpadData
uint8_t SequenceConfig
uint8_t RangeFractionalEnable
VL53L0X_State PalState
VL53L0X_PowerModes PowerMode
uint16_t SigmaEstRefArray
uint16_t SigmaEstEffPulseWidth
uint16_t SigmaEstEffAmbWidth
uint8_t StopVariable
uint16_t targetRefRate
FixPoint1616_t SigmaEstimate
FixPoint1616_t SignalEstimate
FixPoint1616_t LastSignalRefMcps
uint8_t * pTuningSettingsPointer
uint8_t UseInternalTuningSettings
uint16_t LinearityCorrectiveGain
uint16_t DmaxCalRangeMilliMeter
FixPoint1616_t DmaxCalSignalRateRtnMegaCps

Detailed Description

VL53L0X PAL device ST private data structure
End user should never access any of these field directly.

These must never access directly but only via macro

Definition at line 465 of file vl53l0x_def.h.

Field Documentation

Current Device Parameter

Definition at line 473 of file vl53l0x_def.h.

VL53L0X_DeviceSpecificParameters_t DeviceSpecificParameters

Parameters specific to the device

Definition at line 479 of file vl53l0x_def.h.

Dmax Calibration Range millimeter

Definition at line 516 of file vl53l0x_def.h.

Dmax Calibration Signal Rate Return MegaCps

Definition at line 518 of file vl53l0x_def.h.

Dmax Data

Definition at line 467 of file vl53l0x_def.h.

VL53L0X_HistogramMeasurementData_t LastHistogramMeasure

Histogram Data

Definition at line 477 of file vl53l0x_def.h.

VL53L0X_RangingMeasurementData_t LastRangeMeasure

Ranging Data

Definition at line 475 of file vl53l0x_def.h.

FixPoint1616_t LastSignalRefMcps

Latest Signal ref in Mcps

Definition at line 508 of file vl53l0x_def.h.

Linearity Corrective Gain value in x1000

Definition at line 514 of file vl53l0x_def.h.

VL53L0X_State PalState

Current state of the PAL for this device

Definition at line 487 of file vl53l0x_def.h.

backed up NVM value representing additional offset adjustment

Definition at line 471 of file vl53l0x_def.h.

backed up NVM value

Definition at line 469 of file vl53l0x_def.h.

VL53L0X_PowerModes PowerMode

Current Power Mode

Definition at line 489 of file vl53l0x_def.h.

Pointer for Tuning Settings table

Definition at line 510 of file vl53l0x_def.h.

Enable/Disable fractional part of ranging data

Definition at line 485 of file vl53l0x_def.h.

uint8_t SequenceConfig

Internal value for the sequence config

Definition at line 483 of file vl53l0x_def.h.

Effective Ambient width for sigma estimate in 1/100th of ns e.g. 500 = 5.0ns

Definition at line 496 of file vl53l0x_def.h.

Effective Pulse width for sigma estimate in 1/100th of ns e.g. 900 = 9.0ns

Definition at line 493 of file vl53l0x_def.h.

FixPoint1616_t SigmaEstimate

Sigma Estimate - based on ambient & VCSEL rates and signal_total_events

Definition at line 503 of file vl53l0x_def.h.

uint16_t SigmaEstRefArray

Reference array sigma value in 1/100th of [mm] e.g. 100 = 1mm

Definition at line 491 of file vl53l0x_def.h.

FixPoint1616_t SignalEstimate

Signal Estimate - based on ambient & VCSEL rates and cross talk

Definition at line 506 of file vl53l0x_def.h.

Spad Data

Definition at line 481 of file vl53l0x_def.h.

uint8_t StopVariable

StopVariable used during the stop sequence

Definition at line 499 of file vl53l0x_def.h.

uint16_t targetRefRate

Target Ambient Rate for Ref spad management

Definition at line 501 of file vl53l0x_def.h.

Indicate if we use Tuning Settings table

Definition at line 512 of file vl53l0x_def.h.