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Jumper settings of GR PEACH


This page is for GR-PEACH rev.E and GR-PEACH rev.C.
If your GR-PEACH is rev.B, go to Information of GR-PEACH rev.B. To identify GR-PEACH revision, see here.

JP1RST button directly connect to RZ/A1Hopen-
JP2Update Mbed CMSIS-DAP firmwareopen-
JP3VBUS supply to USB0 Host/Functionopen-
JP4Connect P3_2 to D10open-
JP5Connect P8_8 to D11open-
JP6Pull-up P1_1open-
JP7Pull-up P1_0open-
JP8Connect P11_12 to A0open-
JP9Connect P11_13 to A1open-
JP10Connect P11_14 to A2open-
JP11Connect P11_15 to A3open-
JP12Connect P1_3 to A4open-
JP13Connect P1_2 to A5open-
JP14Pull-up P1_2open-
JP15Pull-up P1_3open-
JP16Pull-up P1_6open-
JP17Pull-up P1_7open-
JP18short diode not to drop voltageopen-
JP19short diode not to drop voltageopen-
JP20short diode not to drop voltageopen-
JP21VBUS supply to USB1 Host/Functionopenclosed : To use USB1 as USB Host
open : Not to use USB1 or to use USB1 as USB Function

Rev.E or later only.
[For Rev.C]
When you connect "USB1-VBUS" and "+5V" with jumper wire, VBUS supply to USB1 is done.
[For Rev.C or later]
When you use "Audio Camera Shield", there's another jumper for this purpose. Either jumper on GR-PEACH(JP21) or Audio Camera Shield(JP1) can be used.

  • GR-PEACH rev.E /media/uploads/RyoheiHagimoto/gr-peach-e-jumper.png
  • GR-PEACH rev.C /media/uploads/RyoheiHagimoto/gr-peach-c-jumper.png

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