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How to update firmware for GR PEACH


This page is for GR-PEACH rev.E and GR-PEACH rev.C.
If your GR-PEACH is rev.B, go to Information of GR-PEACH rev.B. To identify GR-PEACH revision, see here.


You usually do not need to update the firmware of CMSIS-DAP. CMSIS-DAP is debugging function done by NXP device on the Mbed board(GR-PEACH) and the firmware is downloaded into it. So, it's different from RZ/A1H software(firmware).

How to Update the firmware for GR-PEACH

The latest Arm Mbed DAPLink interface firmware for GR-PEACH available at (click the image): firmware for GR-PEACH
Step by step firmware upgrade instructions



If "CRP DISABLD" does not mount by the above method please try the following.
Please make a short-circuit at JP2 when connecting GR-PEACH and PC with USB cable.
rev C step1
If "mbed" appears, the short-circuit of JP2 doesn't succeed.
When GR-PEACH connected as "CRP DISABLED", JP2 can be opened during firmware updating.

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