Dependents of ISL29011

A dependent is a program or library which makes use of this library.

mDot EVB to M2X demo.
Ag demo with soil moisture
Demonstration for connecting Multitech mDot/mDotbox to the Telit devicewise platform.
mDot-Examples triage
mdot-examples triage
Provide working example for LoRa 'Sensor-to-Cloud' demonstration using MultiTech LoRa Starter Kit and Telit Data and Cloud Platform Services Offerings
Demonstration connecting an xDot to Telit Devicewise using the libxDot-mbed5 library.
mdot UDK & STMicro MEMS Shield Sensor packet example mdot, senet
FF1705 support added
FF1705: peer to peer examples
Test program for FF1705.
Custom "Installer Assistant" software. Modified Single Sweep Mode. Goes right into single sweep mode upon power-up and displays signal strength. Works with mbed-os 5.1.2 and mdot lib 5.1.5
Publish on embed
Code to talk to the mdot
Example programs for MultiTech Dot devices demonstrating how to use the Dot devices and the Dot libraries for LoRa communication. Lora, mdot, multitech
xDot-Blinky program
Using the mDot to receive data.
This is used for sending Data to receiving mDot
Version del programa usado para la Expo IOT 2018 - Strada Hotel
La idea es comunicarse con el nodeRed y realizar una conversion de float a string
peer to peer rx terminal
Echo example of class C devices receiving downlink and sending as next uplink
Factory firmware for the MultiTech Dotbox (MTDOT-BOX) and EVB (MTDOT-EVB) products. dotbox, evb, Lora, mdot, multitech
UGT LD100 (mDot embedded) example code
Esta es la prueba con LoRa y el sensor de luz integrado en la placa.