Device interface library for multiple platforms including Mbed.

Dependents:   DeepCover Embedded Security in IoT MaximInterface MAXREFDES155#

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Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
Algorithm.hpp [code]
array.hpp [code]
array_span.hpp [code]
ChangeSizeType.hpp [code]
MaximInterfaceCore/Config.hpp [code]
MaximInterfaceDevices/Config.hpp [code]
Crc.cpp [code]
Crc.hpp [code]
DS18B20.cpp [code]
DS18B20.hpp [code]
DS1920.cpp [code]
DS1920.hpp [code]
DS2413.cpp [code]
DS2413.hpp [code]
DS2431.cpp [code]
DS2431.hpp [code]
DS2465.cpp [code]
DS2465.hpp [code]
DS2480B.cpp [code]
DS2480B.hpp [code]
DS2482_DS2484.cpp [code]
DS2482_DS2484.hpp [code]
DS28C16.cpp [code]
DS28C16.hpp [code]
DS28C36_DS2476.cpp [code]
DS28C36_DS2476.hpp [code]
DS28C39.cpp [code]
DS28C39.hpp [code]
DS28C40.cpp [code]
DS28C40.hpp [code]
DS28E15_22_25.cpp [code]
DS28E15_22_25.hpp [code]
DS28E16.cpp [code]
DS28E16.hpp [code]
DS28E17.cpp [code]
DS28E17.hpp [code]
DS28E38.cpp [code]
DS28E38.hpp [code]
DS28E39.cpp [code]
DS28E39.hpp [code]
DS28E83_DS28E84.cpp [code]
DS28E83_DS28E84.hpp [code]
DS9400.cpp [code]
DS9400.hpp [code]
DS9481P_300.cpp [code]
DS9481P_300.hpp [code]
Ecc256.cpp [code]
Ecc256.hpp [code]
Error.cpp [code]
Error.hpp [code]
FlagSet.hpp [code]
Function.hpp [code]
HexString.cpp [code]
HexString.hpp [code]
MaximInterfaceCore/I2CMaster.cpp [code]
MaximInterfaceMbed/I2CMaster.cpp [code]
MaximInterfaceCore/I2CMaster.hpp [code]
MaximInterfaceMbed/I2CMaster.hpp [code]
I2CMasterDecorator.cpp [code]
I2CMasterDecorator.hpp [code]
LoggingI2CMaster.cpp [code]
LoggingI2CMaster.hpp [code]
LoggingOneWireMaster.cpp [code]
LoggingOneWireMaster.hpp [code]
LoggingSleep.cpp [code]
LoggingSleep.hpp [code]
ManId.hpp [code]
None.hpp [code]
OneWireMaster.cpp [code]
OneWireMaster.hpp [code]
OneWireMasterDecorator.cpp [code]
OneWireMasterDecorator.hpp [code]
Optional.hpp [code]
Result.hpp [code]
RomCommands.cpp [code]
RomCommands.hpp [code]ROM Commands for enumerating and selecting 1-Wire devices
RomId.hpp [code]
RunCommand.cpp [code]
RunCommand.hpp [code]
SafeBool.hpp [code]
SelectRom.cpp [code]
SelectRom.hpp [code]
SerialPort.hpp [code]
Sleep.cpp [code]
MaximInterfaceCore/Sleep.hpp [code]
MaximInterfaceMbed/Sleep.hpp [code]
SleepDecorator.cpp [code]
SleepDecorator.hpp [code]
span.hpp [code]
system_error.cpp [code]
system_error.hpp [code]Error handling constructs similar to std::error_code, std::error_condition, and std::error_category
type_traits.hpp [code]
MaximInterfaceCore/Uart.cpp [code]
MaximInterfaceMbed/Uart.cpp [code]
MaximInterfaceCore/Uart.hpp [code]
MaximInterfaceMbed/Uart.hpp [code]
Unconstructible.hpp [code]
Uncopyable.hpp [code]
WriteMessage.hpp [code]