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MIP reflective color display

Sample code description

1) MIP8f_FRDM_sample

Display some bitmaps as a slide show. Color version. https://os.mbed.com/teams/JapanDisplayInc/code/MIP8f_FRDM_sample/

2) MIP8f_FRDM_MonochromeDisplay_sample

Display some bitmaps as a slide show. Monochrome and High speed data transfer to the display https://os.mbed.com/teams/JapanDisplayInc/code/MIP8f_FRDM_MonochromeDisplay_sample/

3) MIP8f_FRDM_CountUpNumber_sample

Display a speed meter bitmap like a car. Speed numbers will count up like movies. https://os.mbed.com/teams/JapanDisplayInc/code/MIP8f_FRDM_CountUpNumber_sample/

4) MIP8f_FRDM_LineBuffer_sample

Display a color and monochome bitmap by using Line buffer. If your system has small memory, refer this sample. https://os.mbed.com/teams/JapanDisplayInc/code/MIP8f_FRDM_LineBuffer_sample/

5) MIP8f_FRDM_TransferMode_sample

Display data is transfered by SPI. this is 3 mode , 4bit 3bit 1bit. this sample code is check refresh speed by transfermode 4bit 3bit 1bit. https://os.mbed.com/teams/JapanDisplayInc/code/MIP8f_FRDM_TransferMode_sample/

6) MIP8f_FRDM_CountUpNumber_sample2

Renewal Version.Display a speed meter bitmap like a car. Speed numbers will count up like movies. https://os.mbed.com/teams/JapanDisplayInc/code/MIP8f_FRDM_CountUpNumber_sample2/

7) MIP8f_FRDM_Animation_sample

Animation Demo. Some Goldfish swin in water, from left to right, from bottom to top. Color and monochrome version https://os.mbed.com/teams/JapanDisplayInc/code/MIP8f_FRDM_Animation_sample/

8) MIP8f_FRDM_CountUpNumber_sample3

This sample is for 4.4" MIP8F Display. Speed numbers will count up like CountupNumber_sample2


(*)Other information.refer to below, "Code section".


Memory In Pixel (MIP) function is equipped in the color reflective LCD. These LCD modules are suitable for a wide variety of IoT products and application, including outdoor sports gears, medical & healthcare devices, remote controllers, and portable devices. JDI's Low power consumption technology contributes to long battery drive devices.



JDI carries out development relating to not only improvement of display performance with higher resolution and higher picture quality, but also to reflective-type color displays for realization of ultra-low power consumption.

JDI's reflective-type display optimizes its optical design by using a newly-developed scattering layer. At the same time, ultra-low power consumption is achieved when still images are displayed by adopting a memory-in-pixel structure using low temperature poly-silicon technology. This technology supports development of new applications like smart watches and e-readers. /media/uploads/STakayama/yellow_bird-sram1.jpg


  • Brightness Enhancement

One most outstanding characteristic of reflective-type LCD is its readability under strong ambient light. LCD can be read clearly by the reflection of ambient light without backlight unit (see Picture 1). However, in order to increase its application versatility with color display, readability drops after applying color filter above the reflective layer. The total brightness will reduce by around 70%. /media/uploads/STakayama/brightness_enhancement1.jpg To improve brightness, JDI uses optical light control technologies to optimize viewing angle for specific screen sizes. When light goes into LCD, the light control technologies help to efficiently reflect more light, resulting in wider viewing angle. Furthermore, silver material is also used to enhance the reflectivity. JDI uses silver as the reflective material instead of Aluminum because its reflectance is 67% better. /media/uploads/STakayama/optical_light_control.jpg

  • Support models with BL(Back Light) , without BL.

In order to cope with dark situations, LCD also has a model with back-light.

  • Colors

JDI MIP reflective-type color displays bring memory LCD to a colorful world. 8 colors display enable customer to do more design for information demonstration, see Picture 2. With new circuit technology, LCD can be more compact for variety of applications than before. Power consumption is also lower than current solution in the market. Our 1.28”, 2.7”, and 4.4” LCD have market trend’s simple interface which allow easy customer evaluation. In future Eco and IoT world, Reflective-type color display is expected to play an important role for its ultra-low power consumption characteristic.


(Since reflective-type LCD is expressed by 8 gradations, in the case of images expressed with more gradations than 8 gradations, it is preferable to perform area gradation display by digital filter (error diffusion processing etc.) processing.)

  • Low power consumption.

In JDI reflective-type color display, there’s a memory in each pixel which can store image without continuous signal input. In this case, controller in customer’s system can be in sleep mode or totally off to achieve ultra-low power consumption (around 1-5μA for still image for 2.7” panel). As shown in Figure 1, in comparison with transmissive LCD, to use reflective-type LCD can save 80% of power due to no backlight is needed; Additionally, this technology can save 19% more power during displaying still image. If partial screen data updates is needed, end user can choose multiple line update or single line update to refresh display instead of re-writing the whole screen. /media/uploads/STakayama/power_consumption_comparison.jpg

  • Simple interface (SPI with Single Power Supply) .

LCD Panel Interface : https://os.mbed.com/teams/JapanDisplayInc/wiki/SPI_MIP8

Product Lineup

/media/uploads/STakayama/mip_lineup1.jpg /media/uploads/JDI_Mbed_Team/lineup_from_draft_rev3_jdi_gr_mip_reflective_color_lcd_and_standard_products_20180219-3.pdf

Specification :  http://www.j-display.com/english/product/reflective.html

Sample Code (Library) : https://os.mbed.com/teams/JapanDisplayInc/code/MIP8F_SPI/

Sample Code (Project) : https://os.mbed.com/teams/JapanDisplayInc/code/MIP8f_FRDM_sample/


JDI_MIP sample display : https://youtu.be/oNzFiVqFUvo

JDI Frequency Mono mode & partial scan : https://youtu.be/JobE8nZj1RQ (Presented by KOE : http://www.koe.j-display.com/)

JDI Frequency Color mode & partial scan : https://youtu.be/3TExxX_bqDo (Presented by KOE : http://www.koe.j-display.com/)

Sample Board

JDI_MIP Interface Board: (to sale in Mar.2019 ) https://international.switch-science.com/


in Japan:

International store :

Usage: https://os.mbed.com/teams/JapanDisplayInc/code/MIP8f_FRDM_sample/

Operation manual




Is LPM013M126A worked by python in raspberry pi? -> https://os.mbed.com/questions/85441/Is-LPM013M126A-worked-by-python-in-raspb/


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