Line buffer mode. sammple code with MIP8F_SPI_Ver40

Dependencies:   MIP8F_SPI_Ver40 mbed

Dependents:   MIP8f_FRDM_TransferMode_sample MIP8f_FRDM_Animation_sample


Line buffer mode sample with MIP8F_SPI_Ver40 Display some color and monochrome bitmap.

Other information , please refer to


Copy Setting File and Image to micro SD-CARD. (Same setting File and bitmap of MIP8f_FRDM_sample.)

a) Download the following file corresponding to the target panel, and rename file identifier (.bin -> .zip), and unzip the file on micro SD Card's root directory.

b) Insert micro SD-CARD to FRDM-K64F. c) Upload binary file to FRDM-K64F.and push Reset Button.

Other information

refer to Usage on

this Sample Code (.bin)