We develop, design, manufacture, and sell "display" where it is necessary for the interface that deliver a lot of information at an instant and deliver it to the global market. We create interactive spaces that go beyond the expected, elevate everyday lives, and move people's hearts. From bases in major cities in Asia, Europe, and the Americas, we build strong customer relationships by developing products that respond to market needs.

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Automotive : https://www.j-display.com/english/product/am.html

Medical : https://www.j-display.com/english/product/medical.html

Industrial fields : https://www.j-display.com/english/product/industrial.html

Smartphone, Tablet : https://www.j-display.com/english/product/mobile.html

Digital Camera : https://www.j-display.com/english/product/dsc.html

Wearable : https://www.j-display.com/english/product/wearable.html

IoT Product : https://www.j-display.com/english/product/reflective.html



Sample code description

IoT Product

1) MIP8f_FRDM_sample

Display some bitmaps as a slide show. Color version. https://os.mbed.com/teams/JapanDisplayInc/code/MIP8f_FRDM_sample/

2) MIP8f_FRDM_MonochromeDisplay_sample

Display some bitmaps as a slide show. Monochrome and High speed data transfer to the display https://os.mbed.com/teams/JapanDisplayInc/code/MIP8f_FRDM_MonochromeDisplay_sample/

3) MIP8f_FRDM_CountUpNumber_sample

Display a speed meter bitmap like a car. Speed numbers will count up like movies. https://os.mbed.com/teams/JapanDisplayInc/code/MIP8f_FRDM_CountUpNumber_sample/

4) MIP8f_FRDM_LineBuffer_sample

Display a color and monochome bitmap by using Line buffer. If your system has small memory, refer this sample. https://os.mbed.com/teams/JapanDisplayInc/code/MIP8f_FRDM_LineBuffer_sample/

5) MIP8f_FRDM_TransferMode_sample

Display data is transfered by SPI. this is 3 mode , 4bit 3bit 1bit. this sample code is check refresh speed by transfermode 4bit 3bit 1bit. https://os.mbed.com/teams/JapanDisplayInc/code/MIP8f_FRDM_TransferMode_sample/

6) MIP8f_FRDM_CountUpNumber_sample2

Renewal Version.Display a speed meter bitmap like a car. Speed numbers will count up like movies. https://os.mbed.com/teams/JapanDisplayInc/code/MIP8f_FRDM_CountUpNumber_sample2/

7) MIP8f_FRDM_Animation_sample

Animation Demo. Some Goldfish swin in water, from left to right, from bottom to top. Color and monochrome version https://os.mbed.com/teams/JapanDisplayInc/code/MIP8f_FRDM_Animation_sample/

8) MIP8f_FRDM_CountUpNumber_sample3

This sample is for 4.4" MIP8F Display. Speed numbers will count up like CountupNumber_sample2


(*)Other information.refer to below, "Code section".




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