Dependents of BLE_API

A dependent is a program or library which makes use of this library.

A POC Code of doing ANCS with nrf51822-mKit. See README.txt for details.
tmeperature to mobile phone
changed low freq. clock source to IRC
a fork to test out advertising process
The cube puck updates its gatt attributes on rotation. Listen in!
A library for easier setup and prototyping of new pucks, by collecting everything that is common for all pucks in one place. BLE, bluetooth, nRF51822
Error 230
iOSのBLEコントローラアプリ「RCBController」と接続し、コントローラの操作を取得するサンプルプログラムです。 mbed HRM1017で動作を確認しています。
iOSのBLEコントローラアプリ「RCBController」と接続し、コントローラの操作を取得するサンプルプログラムです。 mbed HRM1017で動作を確認しています。 2014.08.20時点でのBLEライブラリに対応しました。
BLE_Health_Thermometer for mbed HRM1017 with new library
BLE_Health_Thermometer for mbed HRM1017 with BLE library 0.1.0
BLE ー> USBシリアル変換します。 通信速度は9600bps固定です。
Openwear Life logger example BLE, nRF, UART
RCBControllerでモータを制御します。うおーるぼっとも動かせました。 BLE
iOSのBLEコントローラアプリ「RCBController」とmbed HRM1017を接続し、RCサーボモータを操作するテストプログラムです。
use UART Service to loopback anything received on the TX characteristic onto the RX. BLE, nRF, UART
Techcon 2014 BLE sample Police HRM (button-based) for Nordic BLE, hrm, police, techcon
Test using the base BLE_HeartRate example to see the effect of increasing the "ticker" rate on stability (intending to do AnalogIn around 1ms rate) AnalogIn, BLE
Techcon 2014 BLE sample Police HRM (button-based) for Nordic BLE, hrm, police, techcon
Getting the HIH6130 running with an BLE example
Application running on nRF51822 PCA10001
A simple demo that directly uses BLE library to define service and characteristics
For BlueNRG BlueNRG
DesignForAmputee hw 5 project
Basic BLE comm Control Led using On/Off Command
Code for the nRF51822. The BLE advertises, connects to a master, sends information about the status of the LDRs and receives inputs from the Master
Code for the Nordic nrf51822 component of our project. For project group Alloy. hw5, idd
Basic output of force sensor data to serial, in form "value1/n"
BLE project for PILLAR
BLE iBeacon demonstrating how to change the payload data every second BLE, iBeacon, nRF51822
Use of nRF51822 to demonstrate usage of BLE-UART service provided by Nordic and the use of uLCD-144-G2. The demonstration uses the nRF Master Control Panel and nRF UART demo apps … Battery Service and Device Information Service, BLE, GATT services, LCD, nRF51822, UART, uLCD-144-G2