Ciseco SRF Shield

The Ciseco SRF shield is a low power wireless transceiver aimed at building wireless sensors and actuators.

Hello World

Import programCiseco_SRF_Shield

Example program for the Ciseco SRF Shield, based on UART serial port connectivity (D0/D1 pins). This program sends SRF messages and prints out the received ones


Import libraryLLAPSerial

LLAP Library for Ciseco wireless products.



To use this with the STMicroelectronics range of Nucleo boards you will need to remove SB13 and SB14 then bridge SB62 and SB63. This will enable the processor to communicate with the SRF module using the default serial connection but will stop the comms going via the ST-Link and USB. An alternative UART must then be used for debugging purposes.

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