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Updating LPCXpresso firmware

LPCXpresso range of development boards from NXP which include the LPC-Link 2 interface (based on the LPC432x device) can be firmware updated to include mbed USB disk programming capabilities.

Below is a quick guide to how to carry out this update.


Instructions (Windows)

Note that for LPCXpresso54114, LPCXpresso546xx and LPCXpresso55S69 boards there is a 2-step programming process; see Step 4.

1. Fit the jumper labelled "DFU"


3. Run LPCScrypt

  • Open a Command Window
  • Navigate to the LPCScrypt installation (default C:\nxp\LPCScrypt\) and go to the scripts sub-directory
  • Run the command

program_CMSIS.cmd binary_file_name.bin

where binary_file_name.bin is the image for the platform being used

  • Follow the on-screen instructions. Note that for LPCXpresso54114, LPCXpresso546xx and LPCXpresso55S69 this is the bootloader binary.

4. Remove the jumper "DFU" and unplug/plug in the LPCXpresso

When using LPCXpresso11U68, LPCXpresso4337/4367 and LPCXpresso1549 you should now have an mbed flash disk for drag and drop programming.

5. Extra step when using bootloader binary (e.g LPCXpresso54114)

When using the bootloader binary (e.g LPCXpresso54114, LPCXpresso546xx and LPCXpresso55S69 boards) you will now see a drive named MAINTENANCE. Drag and drop the binary for your chose target onto this drive. The drive will change name to the target board (e.g. LPC54608) and is ready for drag and drop programming.

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