Freescale Multi-Sensor (Multi-B) Shield

This shield provides a solution for sensor evaluation and development

Hello World

Import programFreescale_Multi-Sensor_Shield

Example program for the Freescale Multi-Sensor Shield, based on based on SPI and I2C connectivity


Import libraryeCompass_Lib

Improved eCompass with support for different sensor options and a new C++ wrapper



Freescale's Freedom Development Platform for Multiple Xtrinsic Sensors, the FRDM-FXS-MULTI, is a sensor expansion board for the MMA8652FC accelerometer, FXAS21000 gyroscope, MAG3110 3-axis magnetometer, MPL3115A2 pressure sensor, FXOS8700CQ 6-axis sensor and MMA9553L sensing platform. The FRDM-FXS-MULTI is the first of its kind offering 12-axis sensing and the compatible Android™ app, the Xtrinsic Sensor Fusion Toolbox.

Arduino™ footprint-compatible with support for sensor expansion boards
Small size at approximately 81 x 52 x 2 mm
Easy access to the MCU I/O pins

mbed Sensor Libraries

NOTE: To use this shield with the KL25 or KL46 Freedom boards R24 from the Freedom board must be removed!