Compiler shortcuts and controls

This content relates to a deprecated version of Mbed

Mbed 2 is now deprecated. For the latest version please see the Mbed OS documentation.

For the latest information about the Online Compiler, please see the Online Compiler documentation.

Compiler Editor keyboard shortcuts

Mac users

Please note that the 'Ctrl' keyboard modifier used in shortcuts below should be replaced with the 'Command ⌘' keyboard modifier if using the compiler on a Mac.

Hold CtrlInteractive mode
Shift-HomeGo to beginning of line and select from current position
Shift-EndGo to end of line and select from current position
Ctrl-HomeGo to beginning of file
Ctrl-EndGo to end of file
Ctrl-Shift-HomeGo to beginning of file and select from current position
Ctrl-Shift-EndGo to end of file and select from current position
Shift-PageUpScroll a page up and select from current position
Shift-PageDownScroll a page down and select from current position
Shift-Any ArrowExtend/Reduce text selection
Ctrl-Left ArrowGo to the beginning of previous word
Ctrl-Right ArrowGo to the beginning of next word
Ctrl-Up ArrowScroll up 1 row
Ctrl-Down ArrowScroll down 1 row

Ctrl-Key sequences

Ctrl-ASelect All
Ctrl-BCompile Only (no download prompt)
Ctrl-Shift-BCompile All & Download (clean build)
Ctrl-CCopy(with text selection only)
Ctrl-DCompile & Download
Ctrl-Shift-DDuplicate line
Ctrl-EErase line (current line)
Ctrl-FFind & Replace
Ctrl-Alt-FFind in Files
Ctrl-Shift-FFormat code (text selection or current file)
Ctrl-HFind & Replace
Ctrl-KFind & Replace
Ctrl-LTo lower case (with text selection only)
Ctrl-RRevisions History (of current file, single file mode)
Ctrl-SSave (current file)
Ctrl-Alt-SSave As
Ctrl-Shift-SSave All
Ctrl-UTo upper case (with text selection only)
Ctrl-VPaste(with text selection only)
Ctrl-WClose (current file, doesn't work on Chrome)
Ctrl-Shift-WClose All (doesn't work on Chrome)
Ctrl-XCut(with text selection only)
Ctrl-/Toggle line comment (using slashes)
Ctrl-Shift-/Toggle block comment (using /* ... */ markup)


TabIncrease indent of text selection
Shift-TabDecrease indent of text selection
ESCClose Find or toggle Fullscreen
InsToggle Insert Mode
Ctrl-InsCopy (with text selection only)
Shift-InsPaste (with text selection only)
Shift-DelCut (with text selection only)
F8Compile Only (no download prompt)
F9Compile & Download
F10Compile All & Download (clean build)

Touch device shortcuts


Single TapMove the cursor
Double TapText selection on the tapped word (opens context menu)
Triple TapText selection on the tapped row (opens context menu)
Tap HoldContext menu
Touch-DragText selection until the touch is released (opens context menu)

Compiler IDE

Single TapEquivalent to single mouse click
Double TapEquivalent to double mouse click
Tap HoldEquivalent to right click (context menu)
Touch-DragEquivalent to mouse dragging

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