Firmware FRDM K64F



Enter Bootloader Mode

  1. Disconnect all power, external circuits and USB cables.
  2. Press and hold the button marked RESET (circled in picture)
  3. Connect a USB cable as shown in the picture
  4. The drive should mount named BOOTLOADER
  5. The reset button can now be released

Update using Windows and Linux

  1. Download the interface firmware file to your hard disc
  2. Drag and drop the file onto the USB drive named BOOTLOADER

Update using Mac

  1. Download the interface firmware file to your hard disc
  2. In a terminal run the following commands


sudo mount -u -w -o sync /Volumes/BOOTLOADER ; cp -X <path to interface update file> /Volumes/BOOTLOADER/


Power Down, Power Up

Disconnect the USB cable and reconnect. The drive should now be named MBED. You can verify the version number as indicated above. That's it!

Interface Firmware Changelog

Firmware hosting has been moved

This change log is no longer maintained.

rev 0226 [ ... ]

  • CDC break support for Linux (Ubuntu)

rev 0221 [ ... ]

  • Add check for stack overflow and adjusted the task stack sizes

rev 0220 [ ... ]

  • Update disc format and emulation for Mac Yosemite
  • CDC and HID endpoints don't disconnect when programming via MSC drag 'n drop
  • Only erase sectors in target flash that are needed for the new program
  • New details text file for information about the version and build

rev 0203 [ ... ]

  • USBDevice stack patches for composite (CDC / MSC) race condition
  • Flash algorithms created from new Kinetis flash driver source
  • Mass-erase cannot be disabled and flash security enabled cannot be set (MSD programming only fails reserved bits for these conditions)
  • UART serialization patch

rev 0202 [ ... ]

  • Semihosting not enabled by default
  • Updated mass erase sequence

rev 0201 [ ... ]

  • Initial release