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Known issues and troubleshooting

Help us develop Mbed Studio by reporting issues to mbed-support@arm.com.

To help us reproduce and fix the reported issue, please attach the Mbed Studio log files to your report:

  1. From the Help menu, select Report an Issue. This opens the Report an issue or provide feedback dialog box.
  2. Click Access Log. This opens the folder that contains the Mbed Studio log files.
  3. Attach the mbed-studio.log and mbed-studio.log.1 files to your email.

Known issues

Mbed Studio has the following known issues:

  • Some users have reported licensing issues for Arm Compiler 6. These issues may be related to the system clock and region format.
  • Trying to use Mbed Studio with Arm Compiler 6 on a remote desktop raises the FlexNet licensing error -103, because Arm Compiler 6 is not licensed for use in Remote Desktop setups. If you need to work in a Remote Desktop setup, please use GCC instead of Arm Compiler 6.
  • Build output wraps on Windows.
  • Windows installer does not show the individual files or tools as they are installed, causing the progress bar to jump.
  • On Linux, there is a limit on the number of files that can be watched in the workspace. Please follow the instructions on the Visual Studio documentation site to increase the limit.
  • On Linux, source control management requires the libcurl4 package to work correctly.
  • On macOS, if using the installer, you must uninstall the existing version of Mbed Studio before installing a new version.
  • On Windows, the installation may fail if Windows system restart is pending.


Can't log into Mbed Studio

Please make sure that your Mbed account credentials are correct. If you are working behind a proxy, you may need additional setup.

Compilation not working on Remote Desktop

Switch Mbed Studio to GCC, instead of Arm Compiler 6.

Connected development board not found

  1. Update the board's firmware to the latest version:
  2. ST development boards on Windows require additional drivers. You can install them through the Mbed Studio installation, or download them from ST's site.

Development board not showing serial data

  • Try to disconnect and connect the board.
  • Check that no other program is accessing the serial data on the board; the device can only connect to one serial monitor at a time.
  • On Linux, make sure that the current user belongs to the dialout group by running the command: sudo adduser "$USER" dialout.

Linker failing with "file not found" for Mbed OS 15.4.0 and older

Mbed OS 15.4.0 and older does not support spaces in program names - the linker fails with "file not found". Change your program name and try compiling again.

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