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Known issues

Mbed Studio has the following known issues:

  • Library version decorators do not always update when a new version of a library is selected. Restart Mbed Studio to update the decorators.
  • Programs that you download from the Online Compiler as ZIP files contain a cut-down version of Mbed OS specific to the selected target. To select a different target, delete the Mbed OS library and replace it with a full copy of the library.
  • Some users have reported licensing issues for Arm Compiler 6 on Mac. These issues are related to the system clock.
  • A race condition that occurs when you load debug symbols can cause Mbed Studio not to stop on main().
  • Build output wraps in Windows.
  • When you start a debug session, breakpoints are ignored until they are disabled and then re-enabled.
  • When you use the Mbed OS tools from an active program (rather than the bundled tools), Mbed OS reports an error related to Arm Compiler 6 support. This can be ignored and will not impact the build.
  • Windows installer does not show the individual files or tools as they are installed, causing the progress bar to jump.

Help us develop Mbed Studio by reporting issues to studio@mbed.com.

To help us reproduce and fix the reported issue, please attach the Mbed Studio log files to your report:

  1. From the Help menu, select Report an Issue. This opens the Report an issue or provide feedback window.
  2. Click Access Log. This opens the folder that contains the Mbed Studio log files.
  3. Attach the mbed-studio.log and mbed-studio.log.1 files to your email.
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