Hi folks!

This HOWTO is specially dedicated to all my friends who studying Computer Engineering at University of Sherbrooke. YESSSS for you guys!

So, here are the steps:

1- The most important step, get WINDOWS

2- Download gcc4med at https://github.com/adamgreen/gcc4mbed/zipball/master (this is a GCC ARM mbed + libraries port for win/mac/*nix.) Before I discovered it I did the tutorial here: http://mbed.org/cookbook/Using-mbed-with-gcc-and-eclipse but these steps are not anymore required since someone did this great and useful portable package. Thanks Adam Green.

3- Extract it in C:\mbed-dev

4- Run as admin C:\mbed-dev\win_install.cmd (this gonna build the required dev env)

5- Copy C:\mbed-dev\samples\HelloWorld to C:\mbed-dev\samples\default-ide

6- Download, extract, and run Eclipse C/C++ IDE Indigo SR2 (32-bit) http://www.eclipse.org/downloads/packages/eclipse-ide-cc-developers-includes-incubating-components/indigosr2

7- File/New/Makefile Project with Existing Code, Browse to C:\mbed-dev\samples\default-ide, Finish

8- Right click on default-ide projet and Properties, C/C++ Build, Environment, Add Name: PATH VALUE: C:\mbed-dev\gcc-arm-none-eabi\bin\;C:\mbed-dev\gcc-arm-none-eabi\bin\..\..\external\win32 Add to all configs, Done

9- In the same Properties window, C/C++ General, Paths and Symbols, GNU C++, Add these directories Directory: C:\mbed-dev\external\mbed Directory: C:\mbed-dev\external\mbed\LPC1768 Add to all configs, Done, Yes rebuild.

10- Open makefile in the project, rename PROJECT=HelloWorld to PROJECT=default-ide , under it add one line MBED_DRIVE=E (E is the drive of your mbed device)

11- Edit (with a unix compatible editor) c:\mbed-dev\build\ gcc4mbed.mk Under line 261 add: $(Q) $(OBJCOPY) -O binary $(PROJECT).elf $(MBED_DRIVE):\$(PROJECT).bin

12- Edit your main.cpp, save and build. You gonna have your new soft into your mbed. Reset it!

13- Have fun!

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