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Avnet Wi-Go Module

Common features

The Wi-Go system is a complete wireless data acquisition based on the Freescale Freedom Development Platform for Kinetis KL25Z MCUs. The Wi-Go system adds Wi-Fi capability to the Freedom platform and its 800mA/h battery can provide days of power to facilitate portable data acquisition from the on board sensor system, while the on-board serial flash memory facilitates data storage and provides additional storage for complex web pages. The Wi-Go system is a two board set that includes a modified Freescale Freedom Development Platform mated to an Avnet Wi-Go module so no other components are needed to get started developing your own application for the Internet of Things.

Wi-go features
• Accelerometer for 3D acceleration monitoring (MMA8451Q)
• Magnetometer for compass direction monitoring (MAG3110)
• Altimeter based elevation monitoring (MPL3115A2)
• Air Pressure monitoring (MPL3115A2)
• Temperature monitoring (MPL3115A2)
• Ambient Light Level monitoring, buffered (TEMT6200)
• 2 MBytes of low-power serial flash memory (S25FL216K)
• Wi-Fi Communications module (LBWA1ZZVK7)
• Battery operation, monitoring and smart charging (800mAh Lithium Polymer battery) (MAX8856TDFN14)
• Buck-Boost regulator for extended use of battery (MAX8625A)
• LED ouputs (1x TriColor LED, plus 3x discrete User LEDs)
• Vishay’s TEMT6200FX01 analog output ambient light sensor

Kit contents
• Avnet Wi-Go module
• Kinetis-L Series KL25 Freedom platform (modified)
• Getting Started QuickStart Card
• Getting Started Guide (online)
• USB cable (USB A plug to Mini-USB B)

Modified FRDM KL25Z (Rev D only)

These changes only apply when the revision label at the bottom side of the KL25Z board shows REV D.

The KL25Z board included with this kit cannot be powered from USB when it is disconnected from the Wi-Go baseboard because following components are removed and/or modified :

  • Diode D1 (removed) - This allows turning the kit on/off from the switch on the Wi-Go module.
  • Diode D5 (pin1 bridged to pin3) - When mounted, the voltage drop over D5 brings the input voltage of the MAX8856 near its lower limit of 4.25V.

Wi-Go hardware

mbed Libraries

Wi-Go demo video

See here for a short video demonstrating the Wi-Go board possibilities.

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