RS EDP Embedded Development Platform - with mbed


The RS EDP is a modular system which can use many CPU platforms including the MBED. The modular system allows the user to chop and change various application modules depending upon the task at hand. This functionality is particularly useful for educational/research establishments which need a platform that can be adapted to support different CPU types and application modules for lab experiments or research projects. A consumable low cost prototyping module is also available to enable you to develop your own custom electronics

The system has various CPU & Application Modules which plug into a base board. Below are some of the various options:

CPU Modules

Application Modules

Base Boards

The range of modules is growing rapidly and this system provides a quick and easy way to get up to speed with mbed using standard plug in modules for the various applications. This system allows for a structured approach to teaching as the modules can be reconfigured for various different lesson plans. It is also useful as a general purpose development platform in the classical way of a normal development kit.

The base boards come in both 2 slot and 4 slot variants. There is also a Prototyping Module which allows the user to add in their own custom electronics should the standard applications modules not be enough.

The RS EDP Platform was designed by Hitex (UK) Ltd for RS Components Ltd and is only available to purchase through RS.
The items you need to purchase to get up and running with mbed are:

  • a base board (either 2 slot or 4 slot).
  • an mbed carrier module which connects the 40-pin mbed module to the EDP base board.
  • an mbed module.
  • your choice of applications module(s) if any

    A full explanation of the RS EDP system is available on the RS web site along with all the user manuals circuit diagram and supported software.

Additional Support

In addition to the RS web site, further information and support software is available from Hitex on this link.

The RS EDP Design Centre on the RS DesignSpark web site provides more information, together with the latest Getting Started guides, sample programs and drivers.

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