Networking Stack Releases

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  1. V1.xx - Current release


The full stack source and documentation is available here (V1.04):

Import programNetServicesSource

NetServices Stack source

Precompiled versions

Built against the mbed library rev 24.

Please report any bugs, suggestions, feature requests in the associated Forum Thread.

V1.xx - Current release

V1.04 - 05-08-2010

To update one of the components in the compiler, just right-click on the library and select 'Update...'


This version is compiled against the mbed library rev 24. If you are updating the mbed library in one of your programs using the stack, please update the stack as well, and vice-versa.


  • Fixes in USB Host
  • LwIP parameters optimization
  • HTTPClient + SD Card fix


  • Reworked stack architecture (core classes in core/ path, fewer includes)
  • UDP Multicast support
  • API documentation in Doxygen

V1.03 - 09-07-2010


  • Various optimizations in the SerialBuf, ATIf classes


  • New UMTS Stick interface
  • USB Host underlying implementation + USB Virtual Serial port
  • MySQL Client example
  • New debugging options (+ BREAK() statement for USART step-by-step debugging)

V1.02 - 18-06-2010


  • UDP Sockets can now handle large packets properly
  • No Ticker objects anymore for LwIP (TCP, UDP and DNS), LwIP is now polled in user-mode
  • LwIP lwipopts.h adjustments
  • HTTPClient Times out properly when using HTTPStreaming class


V1.01 - 14-06-2010


  • UDP Socket implementation was not handling bind() properly
  • Capitalization problems in some top-level components


  • A filesystem path can be mounted on a specific HTTP server path (FSHandler) - see the HTTP server example

V1.00 - 11-06-2010


  • Ethernet driver
  • Sockets (TCP, UDP) & DNS API
  • HTTP Client
  • HTTP Server
  • NTP Client
  • MySQL Client

Significant changes from the beta

  • The protocol names are now upper-case for more consistency for the high-level components (HTTPClient...) and the socket API (TCPSocket...)
  • The stack is now packaged by precompiled elements (EthernetNetIf, HTTPClient, HTTPServer, etc.)

Known bugs & issues

  • The mbed LPC2368 is supported but lacks testings
  • LwIP DNS support must be reworked (cannot start two requests at one time safely)

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