Mission Cognition Baseboard

Mission: Cognition Baseboard



Download the PDF schematic and documentation.

  1. External power jack (compatible with 5.5x2.1mm barrel center positive plug, 6.5-12V). Compatible with Arduino power supplies like this one.
  2. RTC battery holder (CR1225 3V battery not included)
  3. MicroSD card adapter
  4. Ethernet jack (with magnetics)
  5. Screw terminals to provide 3V and 5V power to external circuitry (not an input)
  6. Double row mbed socket headers allow probing or wiring directly to pins
  7. Jumper selectors for Ethernet jack indictor LEDs and MicroSD card insertion detection.
  8. USB Host port (cannot be used at the same time as slave)
  9. USB Slave port (cannot be used at the same time as host)
  10. RS232 serial port (female) with all signals level shifted, allows a 'full modem' implementation
  11. RS232 level shifter disable jumper, install the jumper to save some power if you are not using the port
  12. Jumpers to select I/O to be routed to the PWM headers / screw terminals or used for RS232 signaling
  13. Futaba servo compatible header arrangement for PWM signals (mbed may crash if you try to drive servos with only the microUSB connected, use an external power adapter)
  14. I2C on screw terminals, optionally use an mcc compatible jack to use with MCC I2C Accessories. Requires de-soldering the screw terminals and soldering in the connector (purchase seperately).
  15. Jumper selectors for serial port signaling or routing to screw terminals (use for SPI or DIO)
  16. Jumper selector to choose 3.3V or 5V on adjacent screw terminal block
  17. Jumper selector to choose 3.3V or 5V on adjacent screw terminal block
  18. SPI (or DIO) screw terminal block
  19. Analog I/O (or DIO) screw terminal block
  20. PWM (or DIO) screw termnial block

There is a Thermostat Demo Program.

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