Ideas List

Ideas list for University projects, internships and the Google Summer of Code 2014:

  • Add a command line utility to the mbed SDK to provide all the features of the online IDE offline: checkout a project resolving the libraries dependencies, commit/push/pull to the online mercurial repositories, etc... (Emilio)
  • Better support for the Arduino community: port the Arduino API on top of the mbed HAL (Emilio)
  • Better support for the Arduino community: port the mbed SDK to the Arduino Due Atmel SAM3X8E ARM Cortex-M3 (Emilio)
  • Your own idea to improve the world with an IoT application useful to society (ie: crowd-sourced radiation geiger counter readings from across Japan) (Emilio)
  • Example configurator UI that can deliver a customised build of a problished project without requiring an import (or maybe even an account?) (Chris)
  • Run the online compiler environment offline, with a downloadable server running on localhost (Bogdan)
  • Automatic port status report: read the source or object files and generate a report of what parts of the mbed SDK are implemented on each platform (Bogdan)
  • Make the SDK compatible with LLVM/clang (Bogdan)
  • Define/implement a full framework (libs/language/compiler) for heterogenous IoT apps (Bogdan)
  • Add debug support for CMSIS-DAP to online IDE: breakpoints, watch.. (Wim)
  • Code templates (default or user-supplied) and code generator support (user developed plug-ins) to online IDE (eg finite state machines or for vendor specific hardware) (Wim)
    • Create a page similar to the Components page where all code templates are grouped/listed (frankvnk)
  • Visualisation of pin usage by a program or library (Wim)
  • Display/Edit window for compiler/linker settings per application/project (Wim)
  • Option to generate bin or hex files (Wim)
  • Allow for links between github and mbed repositories, allowing mbed pull requests to be handles in github (Erik)
  • Debugging: generate (and save) gdb-compatible core files on the MCU when an exception occurs and/or have an "online monitor" that will dump fundamental data in case of exceptions (registers, stack dump, stack unwinding...) (Bogdan)
  • Profiling: function instrumentation, profile memory allocator (Bogdan)
  • Automatic generation of interactive pinout diagrams from source code (for example flash based that you can show all PwmOut pins) (Erik)

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