About the Cookbook

The Cookbook is the central wiki that can be edited by any user, using the Wiki Syntax markup.

So, what is it for?

This is the place for information and tutorials. Things that can be made use of by everyone.

The aim is for this to become a high quality resource.

And what is it not for?!

Please add any new software libraries to the Components Database.

This is not the place for personal notes and projects in the early stages of development; that's what your personal Notebook is for.

However, we do expect that many Notebook pages will naturally graduate to become a Cookbook page over time.

How can I contribute?

To create a page, just enter the URL you would expect to see the page on in the URL bar, or as a link from another wiki page.

For example, to create the page "Sandbox", you could have entered the URL http://mbed.org/cookbook/Sandbox, or created and clicked a link Sandbox. If the page doesn't exist, you will be prompted to start entering content.

To have a play with using the Wiki, go and play in the Sandbox.

Don't be afraid to modify pages. If you see something that could be added to, improved or corrected, click "Edit Page" at the bottom of the page and make your changes. Everything is versioned, and you can simply comment on pages if you'd prefer.

Be bold and jump in!

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