Security update for all users of the ARMmbed GitHub organization

We have recently updated our policy regarding the GitHub profiles of all users requiring membership of the ARMmbed organization.

The new policy states:

  • All users must have 2 Factor Authentication enabled
  • Arm staff must have their Name, Company (Arm), Location and Arm email address publicly visible
  • All others should have their Name and Company visible. Location would be beneficial as it enables us to know your region and thus interpret response times accordingly.

The 2 factor authentication part of the policy has officially come into force today, Monday 12th November. The remainder of the policy will officially come into force on Monday 26th November.

All users that do not conform to the policy on the aforementioned dates will be removed from the organization. Please note that if you are affected by this and wish to be re-added you can do so by ensuring your profile conforms to the policy and choosing the most applicable one of the following :

  • Partners should contact their assigned TAM (Technical Account Manager)
  • If you don't know your assigned TAM or have other questions, you can email

GitHub keeps all account data for 3 months so if you are accepted as a member again within this period you will lose no data.